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This is inspired by the Tool Masters Association's "Two 2×4 Challenge".

I turned my dog's crate into a TARDIS using only two 2×4's. The glass for the "lamp" on top is a mason jar, and the Police Box signs were made on the X-Carve.

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Moving or traveling with your pet? Pet's favorite duo, Bruno & Chatty, work on crate training before Chatty's big travel day.

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Setting up a dog crate is easy. Metal crates have self-coasters which you can lock or unlock which makes it easier for you to use. Crates are not advised for dogs which are most often left alone at home. The use of a crate is not meant for punishment or reprimanding them, instead it is intended to train them. This video will teach you how to set up your dog crate.

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Are you looking for a soft crate for your pal that functions as a soft crate for dogs and a foldable dog crate? Well you’ve come to the right place because Frisco’s Indoor & Outdoor Soft Dog Crate is paw-fect for you.

This foldable dog crate is great and will suit the needs of canine companions that love the outdoors or like to take it easy and relax inside. This soft crate feature an easy-fold construction, making it a portable and pawesome for camping and car trips. Since it’s more enclosed in comparison to a traditional wire crate, it’s great for furry friends that need a little more sense of security and privacy.

This soft crate isn’t just a regular ol’ soft crate. It has a large, zippered door for easy access. Plus, this foldable dog crate, unlike a simple soft crate for dogs, is even more convenient since it features mesh zippered side doors, so you can place this soft crate anywhere in your home. The mesh doors on this foldable dog crate make it su-paw breathable by increasing airflow. If you thought this soft crate couldn’t get even more convenient, think again. The mesh doors can be unzipped and neatly rolled up with velcro strips.

Have you heard of a soft crate for dogs this amazing? This foldable soft crate is like the unicorn of soft crates, magical and majestic.

This crate is travel-friendly and has a metal frame that resists warping. There’s even a back pocket for your dog’s favorite treats.

So try Frisco’s Indoor and Outdoor Soft Dog Crate today!

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Looking for a best Watch this Double Door Pet Crate 36x23x25 inches? Learn about the best Watch this Double Door Pet Crate 36x23x25 inches | Watch this Double Door Pet Crate 36x23x25 inches Review

Your Dog is equally important as the rest of your pets and it must be treated so well that it also get to be happy and upright. To make this possible, you should have it housed in one of the most comfortable house as possible.

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Watch this six minute video to learn how to easily set up your stationary Kennect Pet crate.

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Here are "The top 7 Dog Crate, Bed and House Furniture", 7 of the best options for your pet and family


The Modern Indoor DogHaus And Table does double duty as an elegant modern end table. With its striking starburst design and sleek silhouette, the powder-coated steel Modern DogHaus is striking piece of furniture designed to set tongues wagging Shop Here
Top 7, Best coffee tables and dog bed


The Composite Dog Crate And End Table provides a comfortable indoor home for your pet and also does double duty as an end table. A refined design allows this pet crate to easily blend in with the existing furniture.
This pet crate end table is fashioned from a recycled composite material, which ensures that it is sturdy, solid and durable. It is resistant to effects of weather, water, odor, staining, and rotting that extends its durability and also ensures that it does not damage the other furniture. Shop Here


The Multi-Functional Pet Crate Table is a stylish, attractive alternative to traditional unappealing and clunky metal crates. This 2 in 1 Pet Crate Table looks great in any home and is a foolproof addition next to your couch or in a bedroom as a night stand. Your loved one will have plenty of open area for viewing and airflow, affording your companion a comfortable area. Shop Here


The fancy 2 in 1 pet crate table is for people who want something that doesn't look like a pet crate. With a fanciful French inspired lattice work, its low-key vents and a large door to accommodate most pets, this attractive table will blend in with your existing furniture without screaming 'pet house Shop Here


This unique 2 in 1 den integrates a contemporary oval design in four modern colors to create a unique style that helps you make a statement. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted by artisans, shaped and polished in fiberglass to create a sleek, shiny exterior. The colors are vibrant, the look is sophisticated and your pet will love it! Shop Here

Top 3 dog crate table


This solid wood pet crate features brass accents that will add a touch of class to any home. Available in four sizes it can accommodate pets of virtually any stature while managing to remain aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Shop Here

Top dog crate and table

#1 The 2 in 1 End Table And Pet Crate

This beautiful pet crate doubles as an end table, perfect for housebreaking your pet or for giving your pet its own safe space without having to sacrifice floor space in your home.

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Soft Mesh Crate is Portable Indoor/Outdoor Home for Pets Weighing Up to 70 Lbs.
Easy to set up and fold down within a few seconds without tools, you can take it everywhere.
Covered with a durable, water resistant 600D washable fabric featuring mesh ventilated windows and zippered access.washable and it comes with interior fleece padding which is both comfortable and easy to clean
Designed with rounded corners to protect home decor and the interior of your vehicle, stylish and lightweight.
Size: 36 x 25 x 25 inches.have three Entrances; Ample Ventilation for Use in All Seasons; Carrying Strap Included

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Last Day On Earth 1.7.12 Update – New Dogs, Dog Crate & More!
Hope you guys enjoyed this 1.7.12 dog and dog crate update! To get the dog you must get a dog in a box by either purchasing one for $1.99 or going to a green zone and finding one there. Then you must craft a dog crate and get the appropriate resources to finalize it. After that name your dog, feed it and wait for it to grow! Thanks for watching this 1.7.12 dog and dog crate last day on earth update video! Make sure to subscribe for more last day on earth 1.7.12 dog and dog crate update videos, more last day on earth and more video including last day on earth!

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The Pet Gear "The Other Door" Steel Crates with Sliding Door is made of the heaviest-duty blow-molded plastic frame of any dog crate. If that's not enough it's the only crate that also incorporates powerful steel inserts. Of course it's full of safety features including rounded corners that have absolutely no sharp edges so they won't scratch wood floors or snag carpeting. However, this crate is best known for its front door that swings up and in just like a garage door!

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